Digestive Health

As one of the core
components in the human
body, the digestive system
is a combination of organs
that converts food to
nutrients needed for growth,
energy and repair, and its
importance cannot be

We often search for solutions
to help alleviate various
ailments in the body, but
many health challenges begin
in the digestive system.

DIGESTIVE+++   combines
a stable Probiotic, a Prebiotic
blend and a comprehensive
Enzyme blend that promotes
healthy intestines, helps with
indigestion and enhances
nutrient absorption.

Digestive +++ comes in a
softgel capsule for better
nutrient bioavailability and

Good "Chi" cultivation starts with Intestine exercise & slow deep abdominal breathing. This practice should be done consistently for at least 21 days. It takes at least 21 days to create a new habit.

Practicing intestine exercise and abdominal breathing daily will create a healthy new habit for your body, mind & spirit.

This practice strengthen & detoxify internal organs, Kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, small & large intestines.

You will burn fat and tighten abdominal muscles.

Doing this exercise daily will also promote smooth
circulation of "Chi", a must for all energy training
and "Chi" cultivation practice.

Laminine Omega

The circulatory system develops
in the beginning stages of
embryonic development and
remains vital throughout our
lifetime, as it allows our bodies
to maintain a stable internal

Good circulation also provides
optimal blood flow to the brain,
heart, and other organs and
also rapid recovery following
exercise or other physical

Good health starts with good
circulation. Clearing the body’s
internal pathways to optimize
circulatory health.

•Improved signaling throughout
the body

•More pliable arteries and blood

•Increased agility
•Balanced cholesterol levels

•Extended release and long-term


21 Days Chi Cultivation