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"Stress is the Genesis of all Disease"

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

LAMAS Qi Gong Grandmaster Lowe (Lo Lo)


Stress is the origin and genesis of all diseases!

Many people suffer from various stress-generated dysfunctional patterns.

These patterns may sometimes reveal themselves as instances of digestive system upheavals, cases of toxic overload, and also various types of allergies.

At other times, stress may exhibit features of intolerance and other signs, which may indicate a nutrient deficiency, symptoms of loss of vitality, and even spasmodic colon issues.

Other indicators may have been diagnosed as cranial dysfunction, semi-permanent sinus problems, autonomic problems, urinary tract ailments, mechanical disorders, impaired immune system, dental infections, internal conflicts, and loss of energetic balance.

These are all signs that the individual may have ignored or have been unaware of Stress at its onset and therefore took no remedial measures to oppose stress and its associated health complaints.

Start using: Stress Elimination Chi (Qi) Meditation:

Once people begin to use these simple stress preventative measures then their lives and days are filled with excellent life-changing experiences.

Stress at some level may cause a feeling of unease, which may or may not produce any recognizable signs or symptoms. Such signs and or symptoms we casually refer to as Stress when in reality they are a major factor in the disease.

Stress can sometimes be very difficult to detect at its initial stages. Stress symptoms are varied and most times often overlooked. Signs of stress may appear almost immediately or remain hidden for many years. You too can enhance and empower yourself. Yes, you can re-energize your life force and become increasingly radiant with vitality. You can experience that apparently elusive sense of wellbeing.

Stress can be reduced with positive daily meditative practice, and focused visualization.

Daily practice of meditation and deep breathing offers protection for your health and encourages the prevention of stress.

An important part of stress elimination or Qi meditation requires that one’s focus is as positive as is humanly possible. Daily practice will provide the best benefits with regard to health, be it of Mind, Body, or Spirit.

The inner awareness and increased well-being of the individual will be in keeping with their practice, and the best results are attainable with daily practice.

However, all individuals will have their own life-changing experiences at differing times because the various types of stress will affect each person differently.

Breath – Regulation:

Your breathing during your meditation practice is to be done very slowly, and gently without making any sounds.

Breath control is the A-B-C-D path to:

a). Stress prevention.

b). Stress control

c). Stress reduction.

d) Stress elimination.

All breathing is to be performed in a slow, deep and calm manner; it is not necessary to make any sounds.

Select any one of the following four options for your practice of deep breathing during meditation and visualization.

a). 9 slow deep breaths.

b). 18 slow deep breaths.

c). 27 slow deep breaths.

d). 36 slow deep breaths.

e). 108 slow deep breaths.

1). Always relax, and gradually focus your thoughts on any pleasant occasion, event, or time in your life.

2). Remember to relax, try to stay calm, and always try to breathe very slowly and gently

3). Throughout your practice maintain your slow deep breaths, whenever inhaling and exhaling. Using either a, b, c, d, or e method while maintaining a calm and relaxed state of mind.

This method of slow deep breathing will help and assist you to experience a calm and peaceful state of mind.

When it appears that you may have stressful factors within your lifestyle, take a time-out to practice Stress Elimination "Qi Meditation".

In Chinese philosophy, there is a direct correlation between breath and emotions.

Emotional excess leads to an immediate irregular breathing pattern, and this will tend to trigger an attack of stress.

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